Meet RyAnne

RyAnne has been dancing when she was 2 years old. At the age of 12 she began focusing on vagonava and Bolshoi ballet techniques. She performed multiple shows as a member of San Antonio Children’s ballet under the instruction of Vanessa Bessler. She then went on to compete in commercial dance and won many top 10 and judges awards. In Highschool she was on Tivy Highschools varsity drill team, the Golden Girls. She went on to become an officer on the line and win first place her freshman year with a self choreographed solo. She then was a member of Studio 7 for Her’s company under the instruction of Allie Durban. Her junior year she took home first place at Crowd Pleasers with a solo choreographed by Michelle Leagans. Her senior year she was a member of the Whirlwynd youth company under the instruction of Joshua Manculich. She auditioned and was accepted into the dance programs at TCU, UT, TAMU, and SHSU. She’s now a current senior assistant for Michelle Leagans and a BFA dance major at The University of Texas.